Resident Screening

Resident ScreeningPROTECT your rental interests from problem tenants. LEARN fact from fiction with credit reports from all major credit bureaus, eviction data, criminal history, ID verification and bankruptcy checks. ELIMINATE the burden of tedious background research. RENT safely and economically for one unit or multiple units.

Why should I screen applicants?

For a successful tenancy, it is important to diligently screen applicants. Past credit problems, financial problems, evictions, fraud and sex offenses not only indicate potential problems, but could leave you responsible in negligent litigation.

* In 2003, consumers had over 2 trillion in outstanding credit with over 1.3 million filing for bankruptcy. This amount is increasing at a rate of over 4.4% annually.

* Over 30% of civil litigation involves contract disputes such as evictions

* Over 13 million arrests are made annually in the United States. These offenses range from fraud to sexual and violent offenses. Decision statistics

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