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TransUnion Employment Credit Screening

TransUnion Employment Credit Screening Sample Report

What Type of Information Is on a Credit Report?

There are usually four types of information:
  1. Identifying Information: The individual's full name, any known aliases, current and previous addresses, social security number, year of birth, current and past employers, and, if applicable, similar information about his/her spouse.
  2. Credit Information: The accounts the individual has with banks, retailers, credit-card issuers, utility companies, and other lenders (accounts are listed by type of loan, such as mortgage, student loan, revolving credit, or installment loan; the date the account was opened; the credit limit or the loan amount; any co-signers of the loan; and his/her payment pattern over the past two years).
  3. Public Record Information: State and county court records on bankruptcy, tax liens, or monetary judgments (some consumer reporting agencies list non-monetary judgments as well).
  4. Recent Inquiries: The names of those who have obtained copies of the individual's credit report within the past year (two years for employment purposes).
TransUnion Employment Fraud Advisor Sample Report

Fraud ID-Tect

Verification tool designed to prevent application fraud and determine the validity of personal information.
TransUnion Employment Total ID Sample Report

Total ID

This report provides comprehensive identity verification and application analysis to prevent fraud.