Instant Decisioning

Sample Data:
Result Data
FICO Score: Success checkmark 785
Rent To Income Ratio: Success checkmark 7x
Employment Stability: Success checkmark 24
Resident Stability: Success checkmark 18
Tradelines: Success checkmark 3
Debt To Income Ratio: Success checkmark 3.8x
Apartment Collections: Success checkmark 0
Non Medical Collections: Success checkmark 0
Criminal Records Success checkmark 0
Eviction Records Success checkmark 0

Decision PASS Success checkmark
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With Real ID, your company has the ability to pre-set decision criteria thus enabling the processing automation of each application. As each applicant is decisioned, if the applicant falls into the 'Review' decision category, Real ID automatically notifies the Property's respective Property Manager via email. From the email link received, the Property Manager has the ability to override the decision, add notes, and automatically send the Leasing Agent an email with the Updated Applicant Decision; all done in a matter of seconds. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your personalized demo.

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Automated Decision Overrides