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What Type of Information Is on a Credit Report?

There are usually four types of information:
  1. Identifying Information: The individual's full name, any known aliases, current and previous addresses, social security number, year of birth, current and past employers, and, if applicable, similar information about his/her spouse.
  2. Credit Information: The accounts the individual has with banks, retailers, credit-card issuers, utility companies, and other lenders (accounts are listed by type of loan, such as mortgage, student loan, revolving credit, or installment loan; the date the account was opened; the credit limit or the loan amount; any co-signers of the loan; and his/her payment pattern over the past two years).
  3. Public Record Information: State and county court records on bankruptcy, tax liens, or monetary judgments (some consumer reporting agencies list non-monetary judgments as well).
  4. Recent Inquiries: The names of those who have obtained copies of the individual's credit report within the past year (two years for employment purposes).

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