Collection Tools

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COLLECT your unpaid debt, new or old, with the same products used by government agencies. SKIP-TRACE and locate individuals from their credit reports, assets, existing bank accounts, DMV records, and/or public records. SEND collection letters, past-due letters and emails, instantly.

How do I collect unpaid debt?

Many individuals with a collection past are hard to find and intentionally move from place to place. Skip tracing products are essential when trying to find these individuals. Once located, methods for collection debt include letters, recurrent phone calls, and/or legal action.

Skip tracing is a practice of locating hard-to-find individuals. This is achieved with searches, social traces, credit reports, asset searches, and public records. These searches can result in direct hits, past and present contact information, traces of activity, contact information of relatives and neighbors, civil suits, public records, and motor vehicle registration.