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Letter Generation

Government Letters - Request Info

Why use letters?

Letters drastically cut time and increase productivity by fully automating the declination letter process. Letters are also beneficial for promotional items.

How can I use letters with automated decisioning?

Acceptance or declination letters can be attached to levels within a Decision Table. Each level can be assigned a letter template created by you. With this template, applicants can be notified of their status and/or job for which they qualify.

Can I send letters manually?

Yes, letters can be sent directly from the application list or while viewing a report. Letters can also be batched from the application list.

How much control do I have over the letter's content?

Letters are based on a standard block style business letter. Other than that, you have complete control as to the header, body, closing and footer. Fields from the application, report and decision can be inserted anywhere into the body. Enclosures also allow for a credit report to be sent with the letter to adhere to FCRA regulations when a decision was made for employment purposes.

What other benefits are offered with letters?

E-Mails can be generated in combination with a letter or by themselves to notify applicants instantly of their status or for promotional purposes.