Evictions, Suits, Liens & Judgments
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Evictions, Suits, Liens & Judgments

SEARCH evictions, liens and judgments filed from most states. With a Evictions, Liens and Judgments Report, you get direct matches for your applicant instantly.

When should I use this product?

This product should be used as your primary search for finding evictions fast. In addition to evictions, liens, judgments and other filings are also returned.

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How do I search effectively?

  1. Use last name, first name and state
  2. Enter additional information for narrow search results

What sources are searched?

  • Public Records Database

What information is returned?

  • Court
  • Case Number
  • Judgment Date
  • Judgment Amount
  • Satisfied Date
  • Initial Filing Date
  • Defendant 1 (name, SSN, address, alias)
  • Defendant 2 (name, SSN, address)
  • Plaintiff (name, address)